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60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday: From Panic to Play.

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What life waves are you getting under control?

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Hello, Roanoke, Virginia!

Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is 60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday with questions carefully chosen to help you collect stories in the oral tradition or spark your own writing. Either way, you'll say, "Thanks for the memories."

 If you’ve not been in the ocean the first time can panic you! Sets of waves, big surf, shifting sandy ocean floor. Just like life but wetter.

When we first face an ocean wave it can knock us over, tumble us head over toes, and challenge our sense of up and down. We stand up, another wave comes along, and there we go again. But in time we recognize that waves come in sets, we learn to jump with them, we might still get knocked over but it’s not like the first time. We’re figuring it out and what started out as panic can become play, “... a dance with the ocean, says SB Rawz (of Rawz Coaching), even if it's always the one that has the bulk of the power.” 

Story Prompt: What waves in your life are you learning to dance and play with? Write that story! 

Practical Tip: The magic of stories is also in the sharing. If you wish share your story with someone or something.   All that matters is you have a story.

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