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60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday: What Would You Do to Belong? Part 2

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What do you want that you are willing to "give it a go!" to get; and then write that story!

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Hello to you listening in Quintana Roo, Mexico on the Yucatán Peninsula!

Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is Stories From Women Who Walk with 60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday and your host, Diane Wyzga.  

January in the Pacific Northwest is generally raw, cold, overcast. The first day of 2023 was no different. Especially at Double Bluff Beach with the snow-capped Olympic Mountains across the water.

At the 3 minute signal folks began stripping down to bathing suits. At the 1 minute signal we clambered over driftwood logs and found a spot to stand on the narrow strip of cold, wet, gritty beach. At the sound of the gun there was screaming and yelling as we splashed our way into Puget Sound. 43 degrees Fahrenheit. What the Coast Guard calls treacherously cold! Run! Run! Run! Get to deeper water fast so you can - close your eyes - and dive.

Welcome to Polar Bear Dive 2023!

 Link to photos in the Episode Notes.

[A little to the south of us in western Seattle, the Alki Beach Polar Bear Swim 2023 with a fun video]

Yes! I showed up. Yes! I dove in! Yes! I joined my Whidbey Islanders because as my Victoria, BC, Canada  friend Michelle says, “If you don’t go you won’t know. So, give it a go!”

Story Prompt: What is it you want? What will you do to give it a go? When and how? Write that story! 

Practical Tip: The magic of stories is also in the sharing. If you wish share your story with someone or something.   All that matters is you have a story.

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