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60 Seconds for Story Prompt Friday: When Did You Decide to Do It Your Way?

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I did potty training my way; and still it took me a lifetime to claim my voice!

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As my mom told it I refused to transition from toddler diapers to toddler big girl pull ups the traditional way. No matter how they enticed me I was not going to sit on the Little Human pot. I wanted up on the Big Human’s porcelain throne. Maybe my mother saw genius in my independence or maybe she was just harried with more babies coming along behind me every 18 months or so. She gave in. I did potty training my way.

But sad to say “my way” was not as often as you would think. That little girl’s voice got shut down and at times, forsaken in the din of the other voices, voices of authority, duty, obligation, and responsibility.

But here’s the thing. Her voice always was and still is her very own. Do you realize there is no other voice like yours? And never will be. Choose to use it.

Story Prompt: Somewhere in the long ago is a story about how you decided to do it your way, with your voice. Write that story!     

Practical Tip: The magic of stories is also in the sharing. If you wish share your story with someone or something.   All that matters is you have a story.

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