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60 Seconds: Just What Is Valuable Content Anyway?

Episode Summary

Have you ever considered what is valuable content? It's what you, your clients, customers and listeners say it is.

Episode Notes

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A podcast host went on and on about the need to produce valuable content on social media platforms. Why? So you can connect, get likes and comments, and your algorithm numbers go up. But is there more to it?  

I stopped to consider: What is valuable content? What makes it valuable? Who says it’s valuable?

Imagine that valuable content is the stories, knowledge and experiences you shape and share for others to educate, help and inspire them; content your clients and connections can appreciate and rely on.

Practical tip: Like beauty, the value of content is in the eye of the beholder. Say your own truth out loud. That will be enough to find others like you. And for you to engage with them. That’s valuable!  

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