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60 Seconds - You Already Have What You Say You Want. Like The Tin Man's Heart.

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You say you want something you don't have; but you already have it if only you'd see.

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The Tin Man wanted a heart. He walked with the Lion who wanted courage, the Scarecrow who wanted a brain, and Dorothy and Toto who wanted to go home to Kansas. They were on their way to the Emerald City to ask the great Wizard of Oz for what they wanted. But like the song goes: "Oz never did give nothin to the Tin Man that he didn't, didn't already have."  [America - Tin Man

The Wizard was nothing more than an old bald guy behind a curtain. He could no more give them what they wanted than someone can give you what you say you want and don’t have. You do have it! How do I know? How else can you see courage, heart, grace, resilience, compassion, and so on in another person? Because you have it in you. That’s how you are able to recognize it.

The Tin Man showed his walking companions that he always had a heart; it was there all the time. Just like you - you already have what you say you want.   


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