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Camino Adventures with Lisa Morales: Peregrina, Hospitelera, Travel Blogger and Photographer. Part 1.

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Some of us may never walk a Camino, some may walk only once, and then there are those for whom Camino is a lifelong adventure. Join us for Part 1 with Lisa Morales walking her life while life walked her.

Episode Notes

Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is Stories From Women Who Walk: true-life, practical, funny, heart-breaking, insightful human experience stories from women who are walking their lives while their lives walk them and the lasting difference these journeys have made. You’ll recognize yourself in stories of adversity, challenge, fear, discovery, adventure, expression, and more. Why? Because, the sorcery of stories is this: they help each of us to be seen and heard, to understand and be understood. I’m your host, Diane Wyzga.

Today my guest is Lisa Morales who’s joining us from Back East on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Lisa and I share a deep affection for the Camino de Santiago, all things pilgrim, and showing up, saying “Yes!” to the hand we are dealt. I’ve invited Lisa to walk with us and talk about the Life ups and down that led her to walking the Camino, serving as a hospitalera or hostess in an albergue or hostel, her photography, and what comes next.  Welcome to the podcast, Lisa!

Minutes: 33:23

00 to 2:10 Intro

Start From Where You Are

2:10 to 9:35  Walking Together 

1. If I met up with you on the Camino trail what’s the first thing I’d notice?

2. If we had some time to walk along together what might I get to know?

3. When we parted ways what would I remember about you?

Transition to the Back Story  - We All Have One

9:35 to 12:00  Smith College and Ada Comstock Scholars Program and Empowerment

Briefly, so we have some context I understand yours, too, is a life in progress. You went to Smith College, the youngest non-traditional scholarship student at the age of 19 under the auspices of the Ada Comstock Scholars Program  along with her 2 year old daughter and from a family where no one had gone to college. You went from shy loner to strike organizer. What did it take for you to say “Yes!” for you to push back on the Imposter Syndrome?

12:00 to 13:53  What can you offer to someone who wants to push back, to say "Yes!"

13:53 to 16:05 Something or someone comes along to invite you

16:05 to 17:55   What do you remember about choosing the Camino Portuguese guidebook in 2007


17:55 to 22:45  What is the Camino?

22:45 to 23:35   What Called You?

23:35 to 26:05   Calling Versus Decision

In 2014 you attempted the Camino del Norte. What drew you to the Camino? What makes a non-athletic woman of 50 decide to set out on the Camino with a 10 year old in tow?

26:05 to 28:22  Tempest Behind and Ahead

28:20 to 33:23 Plan B

Question: Having lived that story, how did the Camino touch your experiences?

Return for Lisa's answer and so much more  on Part 2 -> Thursday 19th November 2020

Here we are, at the end of the road but not the journey. Thank you for listening to this episode of Stories From Women Who Walk with your host Diane Wyzga and my guest Pilgrim, Hospitelero and Photographer Lisa Morales. We’ll pick up with Part 2 next Thursday to hear more about Lisa, her Camino, and walking her life while her life walked her. Remember to visit Lisa on her website - the link is in the Episode Notes.  Meanwhile, please stop by every Monday through Friday for 60 Seconds, Time Out Tuesday, Story Prompt Friday, and every 2nd and 3rd Thursday for guest interviews. You’ll find us on Simplecast or your favorite podcast platform. Come for the stories - stay for the magic! And speaking of magic, would you leave us a nice rating and review on Apple Podcasts. When you return bring your friends and rellies. You will have wonderful company as we walk our lives together


BIO of Lisa Morales

Approaching 50 in 2014, after a career in first labor relations and then real estate, the challenge I chose was walking the Camino de Santiago with my then 10 year old son. He became very ill in Bilbao, but we hit the road again after hospitalization. I became injured in Ribadeo, and he marked the map where we would take up the endeavor again 18 months later.

The Camino became all-encompassing. I began volunteering as hospitalera, walking more routes, and turning my first brand-new camera toward the people and places along The Way. I mentor new pilgrims here at home, and counsel returning pilgrims about integrating their camino into their “real lives.”

About to become an empty-nester for the second time in 22 years, I know only that the Camino, and creating art are in my future.  With Covid raging and my travel confined to the USA, I am seeing the great outdoors from the comfort of my tiny teardrop trailer, photographically documenting this astounding and disturbing moment in our history, until the Camino calls again.

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