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Hear All About It! How Radio Broadcaster Catherine Johns Turned Professional Speaker, Communication Coach and Author. Part 2.

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Do you ever wonder (1) if people listen to what you said; (2) what to say to get the professional connections you seek; or (3) how to show up and speak in public with calm and charisma, then this podcast episode is for you!

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28:18 Minutes

00:00 to 1:47        Intro

Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is Stories From Women Who Walk. You’ll recognize yourself in these true-life stories of adversity, challenge, fear, discovery, adventure, expression, and more from women who are walking their lives while their lives walk them and the lasting difference their journeys have made. I’m your host, Diane Wyzga.  

Welcome back to Part 2 of the podcast interview with my guest, Catherine Johns, professional speaker, communication coach, and author of Show Up and Shine. I asked Catherine what will be the same and different about business following COVID as we continue to meet up virtually and again in-person. Let’s hear what Catherine has to say about what will be key as we navigate next as well as simple steps to boost your confidence and charisma when you communicate in business.

1:47 to 7:00        Pivot and What Will Remain in Business Post-COVID

Question: When you made a change from radio to professional speaker and coach you were on a trajectory that would eventually intersect with COVID. We’ve all been experiencing virtual training, virtual workshops, and more. What will remain the same as we go forward in business with a new hybrid of some online/virtual & some in-person?

Question: What would you like to do more of and finding out what worked well?

7:00 to 12:15       The Book: Show Up and Shine

Question: There’s a place where Catherine has compiled so many of her tips and experiences, in her book “Show Up and Shine: Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence and Charisma.”  Not only was her gift of a copy a generous gesture from a generous woman but now with my own copy in hand I could underline and write marginal notes to my heart’s content. You wrote this book for and about how professional women communicate in business: how they speak, how they present themselves. Would you tell us what drew you to write this book; what was the need  that you saw?

12:15 to 17:15       Overlooked and Under-Heard No More

Question: Professional woman often feel “overlooked & under-heard;” would you tell us what you mean about that and how to turn it around.

17:15 to 22:54       Command a Room

Question: I’ve heard you say that the listeners, the audience want you and this connects with your earlier statement about connection and relationship. At the same time there is the notion that by being confident we can command a room or attention. What would you say to women to be more willing to connect and command the space they stand in?

22:54 to 28:18       Legacy

Question: As we sit here today what else would you like to see happen in the world as a result of both your book and your professional speaking/coaching work? 

Host observes how gratifying to be about our purpose and making an impact, doing some good, lifting up a person we may never meet or see or encounter.

Catherine replies: It’s the best!  

Before I say thank you to Catherine Johns I want to mention that all social media links and connections to Catherine, her professional speaking and coaching work, her blog, her newsletter, book and even other podcast guest episodes will be posted in the Episode Notes. Inviting all listeners to make sure you drop by her website, sign up for everything you can, and do consider consulting with Catherine.  

Thank you very much, Catherine, for a most delightful morning, walking along and sharing your story about being heard, making the most of communicating what we mean and say to connect and make the most of our personal and business relationships.

Catherine: Thank you for the invite, Diane. It’s been delightful

Here we are, at the end of the road but not the journey. Thank you for listening to Part 2 of this episode of Stories From Women Who Walk with your host Diane Wyzga and my  guest Catherine Johns, professional speaker, communication coach, and author of Show Up and Shine. We hope you’re informed, inspired and illuminated by our conversation.  

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ABOUT Catherine Johns

When it comes to communication, Catherine Johns has plenty to say. How can you command a room and connect with the people listening, whether you’re on a stage or at your computer? How do you have real influence on your audience?

All those years on the radio … Catherine was doing virtual presentations before we had a name for them. She established relationships with people she would never even meet in person. So much so, that many still feel a bond with her today. Now we’re all working on Zoom or Teams or Webex. Catherine shows executives and entrepreneurs … speakers and leaders … how to have make a genuine impact with your virtual presentations.

Catherine has a special interest in women who’ve been overlooked and underheard in their professional lives. She wrote Show Up and Shine: Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence and Charisma for them.

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Show Up and Shine: Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence and Charisma by [Catherine Johns]

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