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Hear All About It! How Radio Broadcaster Catherine Johns Turned Professional Speaker, Communication Expert & Author. Part 1.

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Do you ever wonder (1) if people listen to what you said; (2) what to say to get the professional connections you seek; or (3) how to show up and speak in public with calm and charisma, then this podcast episode is for you!

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00 to 2:00       Intro

Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is Stories From Women Who Walk. You’ll recognize yourself in these true-life stories from women who are walking their lives while their lives walk them and the lasting difference these journeys have made. I’m your host, Diane Wyzga.

Do you ever wonder if people listen to what you said?

Have you ever wanted to know what to say to get the professional connections you seek?

Does the idea of showing up and speaking give you Stagefright Willies?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this podcast episode is for you.

Today my guest is Catherine Johns, a professional speaker and expert in communication who’s joining us from the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois. Today Catherine brings her powerful experiences as a broadcaster in large radio markets to coaching executives and entrepreneurs who want to make meaningful connections at every turn, real or virtual.  Catherine also turned her professional speaking skills to a book: Show Up and Shine to help women who’ve been overlooked and unheard in their professional lives.

I invited Catherine to talk with us about her expertise as a professional speaker, what is personal presence and charisma, how to become more confident being heard and listened to in the business arena, and more. Welcome to the podcast, Catherine!

2:00 to 6:00       Start From Where You Are

I read recently that you and your husband took a stroll around your neighborhood meeting up with folks along the way. If I met up with you as you were taking a turn about the block, what’s the first thing I’d notice about you?  

So, having some time to walk along together what else might I get to know about you?

6:20 to 17:25       A Bit of Back Story: Radio Broadcasting Career

I’m a child of radio. I remember my mother listening to a morning broadcast out of New York City called Rambling With Gambling. In my law school years I drove home from class listening to the old Lux Radio Hour episodes like The Green Hornet and Yukon King; the sorts of programs what my dad listened to. Q: So, before we get to your professional speaking and coaching practice and your book, Show Up & Shine, I’d like to know a bit about what brought you to radio in the first place. Question: Would you tell us what was the draw about radio for you?

Question: What came naturally to you to be able to sit in a studio to learn about and then become a radio broadcaster?

Host: This is how the road goes: we walk until we can’t. Fortunately, someone pointed out a never considered  opportunity

And, what happened next?

Question: If a listener is thinking about making a leap into radio or some such place where “gals might not make it” what are highlights that made it all worthwhile, for you

17:25 to 34:23       Changing the Narrative: Reinventing Yourself -> Speakers Programs 

The broadcasting world came to an end as so many things do, but like so many successful professional women you chose this opportunity to Begin Anew - you reinvented yourself. You took all that wonderful knowledge, experience, ah ha’s and so on and reinvented yourself as professional speaker and coach. Question: Would you let us know how that came about and the experience of moving into the next roll.

Host notes themes of luck and resilience + diligence + mind-set to Begin Anew as well as Catherine’s faith that this is the right path as more and more people and venues and opportunities show up. Willingness is hallmark of Catherine’s story. Question: I’m curious: which audiences were you drawn to and how come?

Question: Did you know you had this Super Power of commanding a room, an inherent energy?

Host observes the themes of Catherine’s follow-up, risk taking, persistence until something tangible rewards that. To be successful with the intimacy of radio one would have to have some form of inherent energy and draw in their voice to keep the listener engaged. Question: What is the difference between energy, vibe, charisma, and presence or are they different ways of saying the same thing and, if so, what is that thing?

Host: Maybe it’s an energy vibration exchanged between human beings.  We as human beings are exchanging energy and looking for those who are receptive to our energy

Question: Along those lines of connection, you were on a trajectory that would eventually intersect with COVID. As we transition from Zoom to a hybrid way of some online/virtual and some in-person,  What’s changed in business, what’s the same, what will still be important?

34:23 to 36:26       Conclusion

Here we are, at the end of the road but not the journey. Thank you for listening to Part 1 of this in-depth Guest InnerView episode of Stories From Women Who Walk with your host Diane Wyzga and my guest Catherine Johns, a professional speaker, expert in communication and the author of Show Up and Shine to help women who’ve been overlooked and unheard in business. We hope you are enlightened and inspired by our conversation about unexpected careers finding you, radio broadcasting, reinventing yourself, and the elusive energy called charisma. We’ll be back in a week with Part 2.

Meanwhile, you’re invited to check out close to 450 episodes of this podcast Stories From Women Who Walk found on Simplecast, your favorite podcast platform, including Android, and my website, Quarter Moon Story Arts. This is the place to thrive together. Come for the stories - stay for the magic. Speaking of magic, I hope you’ll subscribe, follow, share a nice shout out on your social media or podcast channel of choice, and join us next time! You will have wonderful company as we walk our lives together

ABOUT Catherine Johns

When it comes to communication, Catherine Johns has plenty to say. How can you command a room and connect with the people listening, whether you’re on a stage or at your computer? How do you have real influence on your audience?

All those years on the radio … Catherine was doing virtual presentations before we had a name for them. She established relationships with people she would never even meet in person. So much so, that many still feel a bond with her today. Now we’re all working on Zoom or Teams or Webex. Catherine shows executives and entrepreneurs … speakers and leaders … how to have make a genuine impact with your virtual presentations.

Catherine has a special interest in women who’ve been overlooked and underheard in their professional lives. She wrote Show Up and Shine: Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence and Charisma for them.

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