Stories From Women Who Walk

Imagine This: Playing Your Way To Authentic Change With Brandi Heather and Amped2Play

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Intrepid Inspirational Woman Brandi Heather shares her memorable story about how she walked the life her life handed her. Stay with us to the end - which is always the best part.

Episode Notes

So far back in time it almost seems like a dream I asked my new friend and podcasting colleague Brandi Heather in Alberta, Canada if she would agree to be my first guest interview. Fearless, resourceful (works magic with a piece of gum and a pool noodle), and adventuring Amped2Play woman that she is, “Yes!” was her reply. Brandi and I had a chance to talk together in November 2019 so there’s reference to colder weather than we might be experiencing today in Summer 2020 as well as some early technical sound issues we trust you will overlook. I’m so happy you’ve chosen to come along and hear Brandi’s story about how she walked her life and her life walked her. Stay with us to the end - which is always the best part. 

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Here we are at the end of the road but not the journey. Thank you for listening to this episode of Stories From Women Who Walk. I hope you enjoyed walking along with me. And, there’s more to enjoy: you’re invited to stop by every Monday through Friday for 60 Seconds, Time Out Tuesday, Story Prompt Friday, and every Thursday for longer guest interviews and host-on-mic episodes. You’ll find us on Simplecast or your favorite podcast platform. Come for the stories - stay for the magic. You will have wonderful company as we walk our lives together: Quarter Moon Story Arts


Brandi Heather, Co-founder, and Chief Knowledge Officer, AMPED2Play. "Professional. Inclusive. Multigenerational. Measurable."

 A sought-after international facilitator and speaker, Brandi Heather helps organizations succeed by using Applied Play Experiences to break down barriers to inclusion to create more effective teams. Her “disruptor” approach invites people to see the world differently, creating sustainable, and authentic change.

 Brandi’s 20 + years of  diversity and inclusion leadership, program creation, instruction, academic and career expertise in accessible play led to her co-found Amped2Play with Ozzie Sawicki. This innovative new company is quickly making an impact in diversity and inclusion training in Canada and around the world.

Brandi builds customized Diversity & Inclusion programs that people WANT to attend and that create REAL change, using play as the catalyst for authentic change

Website:  Amped2PlayInc

Podcast: Play For A Change

Articles on  Linked In:

Inclusive Language is a Bridge That Connects Two Sides:    

Thanks For Playing:

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